Menswear: a timeless fashion

Menswear is composed of good basics, details, and convenience. It’s also about comfort and timelessness. The designs have changed over the last three centuries, but some qualities fit into the values of sustainable fashion that is present today.
Evolution of menswear style: A man’s wardrobe has been fixed for 4 centuries. Today men are wearing the same items as they wore in the 18 th century: shirts, pants, jackets and ties. It’s just the shape that gets developed.
The late 19 th century cultivated a trend for men that has lasted until today. An old look remains in today’s business world. But it’s really in the 20 th century that the shape of fundamental piece were fixed.
1900 - Men wore sack suits composed of the famous 3 pieces: a vest under the blazer and pants.
1940 - Synthetic fibers were incorporated into pieces and men increasingly demanded functionality and practicality. The vest under blazer was lost. The 1950s were all about comfort, and sportswear with knit materials and cool prints began to be introduced into the formal wardrobe. The 1990s were marked with the appearance of street wear influenced by the hip hop culture: bombers, TS, and carpenter trousers.
Today - From 2000 to the present, designers used references from decades past. We still have sportswear influences, mixed with retro culture (vintage TS and slim fit jeans). It's called elevated active wear. It’s versatile enough to wear in the office and then go out. It’s a mix of street style and business style: sneakers worn with suits, sweatshirts, or tee-shirt under blazers.
Fashion is influenced by a mix of culture and globalization. Menswear continues to change and evolve, allowing the consumer to experiment his personal style.
Menswear design utilizes the same main pieces and reinvents them. Designers play with the detail adjusted on master pieces. Print is a good way to add detail, and an all-over print is discrete, easy to add on a garment, and doesn’t change the volume. Modern men’s fashion is vibrant and adventurous.
Men pay a lot of attention to the material, and feel of a garment has to be comfortable as well as keeping to an ideal of useful and sustainable clothing.
The menswear industry is a good market opportunity because there is a huge demand but not enough smart choices. Men want more choices that are fashionable, comfortable, and sustainable.